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UMGC ImpactScholarship Spotlight: Gift Helps Single Mom Create Better Life

Scholarship Spotlight: Gift Helps Single Mom Create Better Life

As a single mother, it’s no easy feat to attend college. Thankfully, University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) student Latoya Paris received scholarships to help her along the way so she can prepare for the future of her dreams.

Today, Paris works for a South American embassy in Washington, DC. She’s also currently working toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a plan to ultimately pursue her passion for politics, social work and the government. After that, she would like to continue her studies and earn a master’s degree in diversity and inclusion.

Here’s how her scholarships have made a positive impact on her ability to earn a degree—and improve her family’s life.   

What scholarship did you receive for your studies at UMGC?

At one point, I received the Presidential Scholarship, and I also received one UMGC Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship.

What impact have your scholarships made on your ability to earn your degree?

I’m divorced and single mother of one. The cost of living [in the Washington, DC, area] is high. College was a financial burden for me. With inflation, I would have had to choose between paying bills and staying in school.

When I got these scholarships, it was such a relief that it brought me to tears. I was so grateful because it takes a lot of financial strain off me as an independent student and someone starting from the bottom. Since I got those scholarships, I don’t have to worry. All I have to do is focus on my education.

If you hadn’t received this scholarship, what would you have done?

I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had not received these scholarships. Without them, I may have had to drop out of school and continue when I could afford it. 

How have your scholarships impacted your life?

They will encourage me to keep pushing and complete the final stages of my degree program. With this degree, I will be more marketable and have more options, and I’ll be able to open more doors for myself.

I would eventually like to work for the government in a position where I can help people. Diversity and inclusion are a passion of mine, and I want to lend my voice to certain causes to help people.

As a divorced woman in my mid forties, I didn’t expect to receive a scholarship, and I am so grateful.

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