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UMGC Impact Four Lives Transformed: The Impact of the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Since 1992, UMGC’s Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund has been helping make it possible for part- or full-time students to earn their degrees. By awarding scholarships of up to $2,000, this fund is helping ease the financial burden on students so they can focus on what matters: their education.

Over the decades, the scholarship fund has grown from an initial pledge of $25,000 to a current market value of more than $170,000, which expands its reach to serve even more deserving students. This important resource wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of a wide range of donors, including alumni, corporations, UMGC employees, foundations and friends of UMGC.

“These generous donors understand the impact that education has on individuals and families,” says Nikki Sandoval, associate vice president of UMGC’s Office of Institutional Advancement. “We’re so grateful for their financial gifts, which help us put education within reach for even more students.”

The Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund in Action

Learn what four 2021-22 scholarship recipients had to say about the impact this funding has had on their education—and their lives.

Dalven A. ‘20, ‘22 from Anchorage, Alaska actively volunteers in his community and is eager to demonstrate that he is deserving of the honor of receiving an Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship has freed him from being concerned about his finances so he can focus on completing his degree program. 

“I am the first male in my family to graduate high school with a diploma, the first to go to college, and the first to serve in the U.S. military (Air Force).  My goal was to complete my bachelor’s degree in business administration and lead the way for my subordinates and the younger generation in my hometown. I would like to demonstrate that there is a way out of negative environments and that all things can be accomplished with the correct mindset and positive attitude.”

Olutolani A. ‘21 from Bowie, Maryland is the first one in his family to pursue a master’s degree. This scholarship has enabled him to spend his time and energy studying while advancing in his career in cybersecurity.

“I am a first-generation Nigerian American. My parents traveled to America to support their four children. It was a struggle for them to support such a large family, and I would love to show my appreciation for their efforts by establishing a career and helping to support them.” 

Jasmine G. ‘21 a Marine Corps spouse has faced a lot of obstacles on her way to earning a degree, including economic hardship, health issues and motherhood. This scholarship makes it possible for her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and further her career in applied behavior analysis.

“Receiving this scholarship also helps me become the first member of my family to graduate from a four-year university. This gives me hope for others who, like myself, face the obstacles that come with being a minority. I want to inspire family, friends and other people like me to reach their educational goals despite their struggles.”

Walter W. ‘21, ‘22 from Radford, Virginia returned to college after a decade-long break. During this time, he served as a gospel minister and founded a non-profit religious organization. This scholarship will help him meet the needs of his family while furthering his education to achieve his goals.

“This scholarship enables me to focus on my studies and take a full course load every semester to complete my degree as soon as possible. I plan to take courses in business management and artificial intelligence as electives to be more skillful in the information technology field. I also hope to begin an information technology institute of learning in my home country of Cameroon, where I was born and raised. I would like to empower the younger generation with knowledge and skills in information technology.”

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